The Collins

James and Ashley and their two beautiful children.
Its a Mom and a Dad plus two kids (a girl and a boy), and a dog named Kara. They have a wagon and a truck both Fords :) which is how it should be. They live in suburbia close the neighborhood Target and HEB. They are loving and kind and quirky. Dad works and Mom is continuing her education, that is why they need a nanny for the semester. 
James is the typical gruff and tough, breadwinning man of the house, but melts when his little lovebug Beth wants tell him a story or when his little guy Alex gives him a kiss. James can also be found helping out in the kitchen and breaking out into his rendition of 'Thats Amore' while he takes Ash into his arms and they dance around. 
Ashley is fun, chatty, organized, has good fashion sense and is really determined, she always has her family's best interests in mind. 
They work hard, play bunches, and share lots of love. These parents are doing everything they can to give their children the best lives possible and make their dreams come true. The Collins are an All American Family!