About Me: The Nanny

I'm Jeannette :] and I'm a Nanny. 

I'm 20 years old. The oldest of three children (a brother and a sister). I love orange juice. I'm passionate about people. I have no idea what I want to do as far as careers are concerned, let alone my major in school. I enjoy cooking and people generally love what I make. I don't run, speed walking is where it is at! I like to read. I have about a bajilion best friends. I exaggerate sometimes. Tan well. I can be a bit self-conscience at times and I'm my worst critic. My car is named Lord Darlington and I absolutly love being behind the wheel. I grew up in the great Evergreen State and Washington will always be home. Although, in the last two years I've live away more than I've lived in my homeland.  Jan 2nd, 2011, I moved from Utah where I was going to school to Texas to be The Collins Family's Nanny.

Why nanny? my answer changes just about everytime anyone asks...but I'll humor you with a few reasons. I like trying new things. I love movies and Julie Andrews. I needed a job. I wanted to move and needed to find affordable housing. I like children. I wanted a cross country road-trip, but with gas prices so high I felt I needed a good reason. I needed a break from school. A bunch of friend's are nanning in various cities across the world and love it. I need to grow up and at the same time find my inner child, et cetera. Becoming a Nanny seemed like the best way to accomplish my goals.

Why Texas? I met The Collins and loved them and thought I would do a good job as their nanny and they happen to live in Texas. is that enough and's? if not: Texas has HEB grocery stores and really good Mexican food (this state could improve on its Chinese food though) and other umm good qualities i'm sure. It sure is warm.

How do I know The Collins? A year ago we were strangers and if it weren't for the internet and my curiosity we would have never met. I used a friend's AuPair/Nanny agency and found The Collins online, they seemed cool so I applied for their Nanny job. After some intensive interviewing via email and phone, they flew me down to Texas for a test week. That was in July, so I didn't know them before, but thanks to modern technology now I do.

How long will I be a nanny? I'm contracted to be their nanny into May 2011, then who knows what adventures await.

What do I do as a nanny? As a live-in Nanny, I watch the Collins' children, Beth and Alex, Monday thru Friday every week. I fix them a warm breakfast, help them with chores, play with them, take them to and from school and other places, clean up after them, make sure they are safe and feel love when their Mommy and Daddy aren't around and just have fun!

Do I like being called Nanny or referred to as Mary Poppins? Well I prefer Nanny over Mary, but at least if I'm referred to as Poppins I'm not being referred to as the Dog from Peter Pan. lol. Actually, when my sister was little she couldn't pronounce my nick name "Nettie" correctly...so...she called me Nanny for a number of years.

If you would like to know anything else just contact me at my email: j.school.account@gmail.com