Monday, February 21

Laundromat Kwik Wash Laundries

I love southern hick similes. I just do, there is no real reason why. I used to think that I would never be able to come up with one myself, but tis not so. I guess the South is rubbing off on me because I stepped out side the other day and thought It’s as humid as a Laundromat in San Antonio.” And I’ll tell you what they are bloody hot and humid.
Today, I went to a Laundromat. Not because I have to, The Collins have a perfectly good set washer and dyer, rather I had about 6 loads to get done and I wanted them to get done all at once. I got today off and I just didn’t want to spend it at home doing laundry all day. So instead I sat in the moist, hot, chemical filled air Laundromat, for a few hours and got on with my Monday. 
Shout out to the most wonderful older couple, I briefly encountered there. They were so kind and could tell I was new to the Kwik Wash ways, and they kindly guided me on what to do and informed me when a sock of mine strayed away from my loads and when I didn't get all my change of the cash machine and even gave me their dyer with half the time left. They smiled and kindly and simply helped me through this process, they were like my fairy Laundromat-parents. I am really grateful for all they did for me over the course of a few hours and I hope that my smiles and thanks conveyed that to them. 

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