Sunday, February 13

Happy Birthday Darb!

Ok...So...It has been awhile since I have published a post. I promise that I have some started, but life has been a bit crazy as of late (flu, blind date, chillin with friends, "snow day," etc.) and I just haven't figured out the time to finish them. I hope you enjoy this short and sweet post.
Today is my brother's birthday, I ate some cake with my bear hand in his honor. Gosh I miss that kid. Fortunately, I get to see my family in a couple months. Which reminds me you don't know about my super awesome good news..drum two months I'm going to Hawaii!! And my family is going too. :) I got 5 days off from the nannying gig and booked the flights. Hawaii here I come! I can't wait! I hope all your lives are as swell as mine, especially swell today for my bro.

Little Brother

Bradley Earl Thompson
Turned 19 Today!!

To: Darb, 
I wish I could have been there for your b-day dinner; I heard your birthday pie was wonderful and it was gobbled up. I hope you like your present. ;) See you in Hawaii. 
Affectionately: Poopface


  1. Hawaii!! <3 wooOoHoOOo! :) that's pretty cool, take lots of pics! ;)