Monday, January 24

Mmm...That Sure Does Smell Good

Parmesan Chicken with Green Beans. Mesquite Chicken with Grandma's Lipton Rice and seasoned Cucumbers; Snicker-doodles for dessert. Todd's Homemade Spaghetti and Roasted Cauliflower. I LOVE COOKING DINNER! 
My sanity and quality of life have greatly increased over the past week; I occasionally cook dinner. :)) (dbl chin grin) As The Collins Nanny I am only required to feed the chillins B-fast, Lunch, and Snacks. But, as you can tell from the statement above, I most enjoy making dinner. There is something about dinners that calm me and seeing my finished products brings me great joy.
The first ten days that I lived here or so, I felt like Ash and James really didn't want me to cook dinner, which was fine, but I felt unwanted in the kitchen I use. That's not zactly my favorite feeling. Anyway long dull story shorter: Ash and I spoke about my passion for cooking dinner and as it turns out she doesn't particularly like cooking at all, lol. I get to cook whenever I want. Yeah!
Another bonus of this new arrangement is that every meal I've made seems to big a huge hit. I plan the meals to have a some leftovers for lunch or snack the next day, but every last morsel seems to disappear. Not trying to toot my own horn, I'm simply stating the facts. James usually says "Mmm...that smells great" or something like that. Ash has complimented me so much I've blushed. Beth is a super picky eater and she normally likes at least one of the things I make each night. That's alone says a lot. Lastly, Alex loves it and asks for "more please!"
Now that I'm cooking dinners every so often I can confidently state: there is no a better place I could be in my life right now, than here in Texas with The Collins.
I hope things are well for you in your life right now, but if you feel like things aren't: take a look around notice all the little things you can to be grateful for. Then get up do something. The smallest thing can make a huge difference. Maybe try cooking dinner or try listening to Bon Jovi's  Welcome to Where Ever You Are that tends to help me.
Oh! my timer is beeping I gotta run and take tonight's dinner out of the oven.
Take Luck my friends.

Also, I have about six or seven (give or take) blog posts I've started and haven't exactly finished/posted yet. So...Look for those. I'll get 'em up asap. They will be posted under their original dates; I hope that makes sense.


  1. last night I got a text from Ash that read "Oh my gosh! Your spaghetti is to die for! THANK YOU!"
    that basically made my night

  2. Wow, you don't blush very easily! Ha ha! I really miss your dinners. So much! In fact, I'm having some people over for dinner next Thursday, Jeannette-style. :D

  3. I'm not starving in provo, but starving for some YUMMY food! :( Can't wait til *loo and I get to see your beautiful face again! <3