Monday, January 17

Monday Off

I woke up super early this morning with a head cold. No Bueno! Slightly runny nose, scratchy throat, headache, achy I took some cold meds and went back to sleep. I'm so grateful that I felt ill on  Martin Luther King Jr. Day as it is probably the only Monday I'll have off from work. I didn't have to take a sick day and I was able to curl up back in bed and sleep until 1pm. I feel much much better now :) sleep is a wondrous thing that I highly recommend.
I've now spent the last couple hours, cleaning my room, re-arranging furniture, doing laundry, decorating my room, etc. Basically living on the wild side, lol. While cleaning and such I like to have TV shows playing in the background via Hulu is a great because it allows you to watch recent TV shows when you want to. Only problem with this plan is that I discovered that there are no good TV shows that play on Sundays. Why is that? Oh well...I should prolly get back to doing something productive. I guess I'll just clean while watching one of my DVDs or take a nap, it is gonna be a tough choice both sound good.

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  1. isn't cleaning the best, to get up and going again?! :) I love the feeling when you just bought a bunch of new hangers and now have enough to get adequately organized. <3 Napping is also top notch! Nap away!!