Friday, January 7

Week One: Done.

I just got off work. My last shift this week. So that means: I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST WEEK AS A NANNY!! :)) A year ago, I would have never thought I would be typing that sentence. Just goes to show that the future is full of surprises and unexpected adventures.

This week has been a roller coaster. I moved into my room in The Collins' Home on Sunday, hung out with my brother on Monday, started work on Tuesday, said goodbye to my brother on Wednesday then worked all day, and worked the past two days. All in all 38 hours of nannying in 4 days.

At times I felt like crying, and at the same time I have smiled loads this week. I've also: laughed, been frustrated, tickled, annoyed, proud, happy, tired, confused, confident, and silly. Part of me feels like this is the best jorb in the world and that the past few days just flew by, and the other part of me wonders if I can keep doing this week after week. But each day this job gets better, I feel stronger and more capable. In a few weeks I'll be a child-care pro...or out of my mind, either way I'm pretty sure I'll be happy.

Working with people has always felt so rewarding to me and there is something even more special about working with children. They see things so clearly. Today, Beth asked me if I miss my family. Since, my brother, Bradley stayed with us for a few days she knows I have a brother and sister and my own Mommy and Daddy. After I told her I missed them. She said the simplest and sweetest thing, "That's ok, I would miss my family too. But you are part of my family now too." And that was that, then next thing I know she's asking to watch a Barbie movie. In children's minds the world is black and white and full of color. It's beautiful and good and there is always something to hope for. Kids never cease in being able to see the bright side of a situation or being able to forget the bad and enjoy good times. Why do we as adults dwell on the negative? Why can't we see what they see? We used to.

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