Thursday, January 6

Pretty New Skirt

Last night Ashley gave Beth a new skirt as a surprise. It is not the typical skirt that Ash would let Beth to wear to school, as you can see its a black skirt with fluffy and frilly purple trim and lots of glitter and gems. But, Beth loved it so much she got to wear it school today.

As I'm sure you can imagine it stands out quite a bit compared to the other jeans and t-shrit outfits her classmates are sporting. I'm amazed at just how well Beth wears it. She feels and looks like the most prettiest girl in the whole world. When I drop her off at school all of her little friends gather around to admire it and tell her how pretty they think she is in it. I'm a little bit jealous, Beth is wearing something fun, flashy, and fashion-forward (or backward to the 80's either way). I can't help but wonder if I would let my children wear something that fun to school. When I see the huge smile on her face, I figure that as long as their clothes are clean and covering I would probably let my child wear it too. I'm happy that she is so confident in herself.

But the best part of my day was yet to come. A few hours later Alex and I are waiting outside Beth's classroom waiting to pick her up and walk home. The typical group is gathered outside the classroom door, Mom's with children and strollers, a Dad or two, and a Grandma with her grandson waiting to pick up the other grandkid. Because the grandson and Alex are the same age this Grandma and I start chatting about how big they are getting and how beautiful Alex's blue blue eyes are. That's when I notice her ring checking me...I think to myself haha she think's he's my kid. And after a little while I hear talking to her grandson "do you want to be friend with that little boy over there? (referring to Alex) His Mommy told me he is three just like you!". I do everything I can not to burst out with laughter, and for some reason I don't think it's worth it to correct her, I mean it is not like she was talking to me.

But wait! It gets even better! Two seconds later Alex yells at me impatiently "Jeannette! When is she (referring to Beth) coming out?!" The Grandma get a mortified look on her face like she can't believe my "son" just called me by my first name, then she re-ring checks and then get a confused look on her face. In an effort to strike up conversation she says, "Oh! My would you look at what some Mom let there daughter wear to school today." In a polite, yet what-in-the-world sort of tone "Isn't that an interesting skirt?". At this point I know this woman is referring to Beth because as I look in I'll admit she stood out a bit, but I can't help but smile because this Grandma has un-knowingly said something rude almost directly to me. I try to let her save face by not engaging the conversation, but that's when Alex's perfect timing comes into play. He turns to me and says "Look its Beth I can see her! Its Beth!" And that's when the Grandma asks if Beth is his sister and which one is she? After I answer that she is his sister and the one in the lovely purple skirt, all I hear from Grandma is backtracking comments like fashions these days, kids with do what that do, it really is pretty and my favorite an awkward good-bye as she rushes her two grandchildren far away from the fashion-insane-single-mom-who-has-no-control-on-her-children...aka me The Nanny.


  1. OMG!!!! I LOVE THIS!! :D HILARIOUS!! I also could totally hear you saying all this by the way you wrote it.

  2. Yes!! Ha ha ha!! Well written, Jeannette! Totally made my day!!

  3. jeannette love the purple and black skirt and the story. I'm glad i could see her in it.

  4. I'm glad I went back and read this...I laughed out loud and then felt self-conscious, then quickly got over it and chuckled some more.