Sunday, January 9

One Day At A Time

I woke up this morning to the sounds of two happy children rushing up and down stairs. Beth and Alex love mornings. I'm working on appreciating the morning hours, but I am a night owl type person. You can ask my Mommy and she will tell you the same thing. I have always enjoyed staying up late and waking after the sun does.

The first thing Alex says to me today is "Hi Jeannette" the same thing he has said everyday this week. But, Beth simply announces that today is an extra special day and that when I (Jeannette) go to church I'm going to make lots of friends and she wants me to be happy and have friends and so I should be berry excited. After seeing the smile on my face she runs back downstairs and Alex follows. Beth filled me with hope and I wish that things had turned out the way she predicted. I went to church and it was great there were wonderful speakers with uplifting messages, but I didn't really make any friends. In fact, there were only two people who were even nice to me. The plus side being, I didn't make any enemies either.

On the way home from church, I talked to my Dad about the whole experience because I was frustrated and he listened and helped me solidify what I was planning on doing, go to the church activities this week, try to get to know a few people and hope next Sunday is better. Part of me wonders if that will happen though. I worry about this week and I worry that I'll spend five months try to get to know people here while growing distant from my family and friends that don't live in Texas, and that in the end only friends I'll have are the ones I live with here in Texas.

That is why I am so grateful for the Church Education Service's (CES) Fireside tonight. I went to the CES broadcast tonight at the church with hopes that I would get a chance to meet some people afterwords, but I got something even better and unexpected. Peace. The speaker Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke about asking the Lord for our daily needs and living one day at a time. Although it is good to have goals and things in the future we are working on; we shouldn't dwell on the future, but rather live in the present. A few of the stories he share particularly touched me and helped me realize, that five months from now is five months from now and that I have things I can do today. So...I didn't make any new friends today, but right after the broadcast I called one of my really good friends and talked with her and her husband. Maddie and Tyler :] i less than three the both of you. :] and hope your ravioli turned out wonderful. I came home and was happy to have a little leftover dessert and for the wonderful conversation I had with Ash (Beth and Alex's mom). I read another chapter in this new book  and I'm really enjoying. I realized that life is good that I don't know what will happen, what I can or can not do months from now, but I do know I can live today and each day I can do the same.

I'm going to sleep a little earlier tonight, and maybe one day I'll be a morning person who knows? or not. hehe.

Thanks for reading my blog! I'm grateful to have people who care about my day to day life.

Click Here to see the Broadcast I saw


  1. Jeannette! You are such a powerhouse. I know that you will make tons of friends- i mean its YOU! you never have a problem with that. Just be patient. And remember that Christ is our constant friend!:) and me of course! I love you! dont make too many expectations of yourself. your doing great im sure! alex and beth are so lucky


  2. Yes, the Ravioli was good and green! I think I should've cooked it longer for it to be a bit more soft... note to self...10 minutes for ravioli.

    So I have one request, make a video of your two little munchkins and send to me..I want to be able to see their personalities. have fun! and ditto to Meg's comment. She's so wise...


  3. Oh, my party girl, now is a good time to refect on who Jeannette is and what she wants from this life. i remember a 9 month stint i did in provo utah a while back and all the spiritual stuff that can be heard becuase your not quite so busy filling every minute with other people. Use this time to listen to yourself and God. He will lead you. luv mom